Watch Your Mouth

Back in the day when young people would say things that were inappropriate you would often hear an adult say, “Watch your mouth.”  In other words, be mindful of the things that are coming out of your mouth because some things don’t need to be said.  And today I share the same sentiments as I tell you, to watch your mouth.

You have to be so careful as to what you allow to come out of your mouth. Because what you say, your mind will hear and then will follow suit.  Your mind is always listening and it processes the things that it hears and it will directly impact the emotions that you feel as well as your actions.  This is why it is so important that you watch what comes out of your mouth. 

Now based upon your circumstances you might find it easy to speak a discouraging word.  Words like, it will never happen for me, or my life will never get better, or I don’t see how I’ll ever get out of this situation.  Even if your mind thinks it, force your mouth to speak against it.  Because the words that come out of your mouth can cause you to take crucial steps forward or steps backward in your situation. 

For example, one day I took my baby Sydney to a playground in my neighborhood.  As soon as I got there my mind started to flood with memories of bringing my other children, there when they were little.  Now if you don’t know, my son Brayden died of cancer, so when I started to think about these memories I immediately got emotional and decided to leave the park.  As I was leaving I picked up the phone to call one of my girlfriends to tell her about my situation and how sad it was. 

Then God checked me.  I was about to speak discouraging words that would only feed into the sad emotions I was feeling and cause me to take emotional steps backwards.  That wasn’t going to be helpful I needed to speak words that would shift the atmosphere.  So I corrected myself and told my mind that it was a blessing for me to have the opportunity to bring another child to this same playground.  And as soon as I did that the discouraging emotions went away. 

What I need for you to understand today is that you can never underestimate the power of the words that come out of your mouth.  Your mind is impacted by what it hears.  It is simply the way that God created you.  So the next time you are feeling discouraged about any circumstance in your life, watch your mouth, don’t allow it to speak words that don’t have the power to uplift you.  Instead speak life into your situation no matter what your situation is. 

The word of God says, “Whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his soul from troubles.” Proverbs 21:23   Life is tough enough and you shouldn’t make it tougher by the words that come out of your mouth.

So, what has your experience been?  Let me know by leaving a comment below.  Also be sure to subscribe and share this post with a friend.  God bless!

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3 thoughts on “Watch Your Mouth”

  1. I am in total agreement with you Samonna. I would also like to add that when we speak words of discouragement and despondency in the presence of unbelievers, we are doing untold harm to our profession of faith and to their perception of the Christian life. I recently had to learn this the hard way and part of the lesson was that unbelievers also encompass those of other Christian faiths! For me that translates to my non-Adventist family members, to whom I vented and murmured when I felt I was at my lowest moments. Ellen White says that when we murmur and complain about our circumstances, we are sinning against our Lord as we are showing unbelief and discontent for His providence and leading in our lives. So when those thoughts come, I try to recall a hymn or scripture which addresses the situation, and this would often take my mind off the circumstance and place it on spending an eternity with my Lord, as I am reminded that all earthly trials are temporary. Truly, we need to watch our mouths. God Bless.


      Yep, as a matter of fact those passages in EGW that you speak of I have highlighted because we lose much when we complain.

  2. thank you again you are right on time again,may you continue to be led by the spirit of our LORD. GOD BLESS.

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