Are Distractions Ruining Your Future

Everybody knows, or at least they should know that texting while driving is dangerous.  As a matter of fact, now a days there is a lot of fuss about the dangers of texting while driving.  Yet really it’s not just the texting that’s dangerous, it’s doing anything that will distract you from the important task of driving that proves to be a danger.  Yet despite this knowledge people still choose to engage in distracting activities while driving.  Foolish, right?  Yet isn’t it just as foolish to engage in distracting actives while you are actively engaged in the pursuit of your dreams or any other activity that is important to you?

Distractions prevent you from giving your full attention to something.  And when you consider the totality of your life there are certain areas that you cannot afford to be distracted from.  Things like your work, your school, your family, your goals, and your relationship with Christ are things that require your full engagement.

Distractions are dangerous because they cause you to be less efficient, they will prevent you from accomplishing things, they will weaken your relationships, and they will cause you to lose focus on the things that are most important to you.  Basically they will cause you to operate at a level that is much lower than what you are truly capable of, and that my friend poses a great danger to your potential.

So my challenge for you today is to eliminate the distractions.  Turn off the notifications on your phone for awhile, cut off the tv, get off social media, close the door to your office, and cancel some social events.  Do whatever you have to do so that you can be fully engaged.  Be fully engaged when you are working to go the next level in your career.  Be fully engaged when you are studying striving to get that A.  Be fully engaged when you are spending quality time with the people who matter most in your life, and be fully engaged when you are working to build a firm foundation with the God who has your best interest at heart. 

So here are three simple things I want you to get in the habit of doing that will help you eliminate the distractions in your life. 

#1. Learn to ignore- Just because someone is emailing you, texting you, or calling you does not mean you have to respond right away.  It is okay to ignore them for awhile until you are finished engaging in your current task.

#2. Set aside blocks of time – When you set aside specific times in which you commit to fully engaging in something it is easier to eliminate distractions.  Let’s say you have thirty minutes to sit down and have dinner with your family.  Do that.  Knowing that in that time period you will do nothing but eat and engage with your family.

#3. Consider the value- Take time to consider what value you would gain by totally engaging in a particular area in your life and then consider how a distraction would impact that value.  For example, if it is your goal to write a book and it is of great value to you because of the potential impact it would have on others, than consider how sitting down and watching hours of television would impact that value.

What you can never forget is that you were created to accomplish great things.  God wants you to be a phenomenal parent.  He wants you to have an amazing career.  He wants you to experience awesome relationships as well as excel in each and every area of your life.  So wouldn’t it be foolish to allow distractions to keep you from the very things He desires for you? 

So what do you think about all of this?  Do you see the importance of not allowing distractions to get in the way of what’s important to you?  Let me know by commenting below.  Also, if you enjoyed this post you might be interested in

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