The One Thing That’s Sure To Destroy You

Awhile back I came across the most bizarre story.  It was about an Oregon farmer who had gone missing.  It turned out that something had gone terribly wrong when he went out to feed his 700 pound pigs.  Because when they finally located the man they found his remains dispersed all over the pig pen and determined that he had been eaten by his pigs!  I mean literally eaten by his pigs!

Now this story was disturbing to me for obvious reasons. Yet the most disturbing part of all was the fact that this man lost his life simply because he was trying to feed the pigs.  But there is a lesson in this, one that I hope you will take into careful consideration, and the lesson is never feed the pigs.

Now the pigs I’m referring to aren’t literal pigs they are figurative pigs, pigs that represent the devil and his demonic agents.  Because, when we dabble in sin and fall prey to his temptations we are in essence feeding the pig, by feeding into the devil’s ego.  Yet keep in mind that no matter how true you are to him or how committed you are to his cause he will not return the favor.  Why?  Well, because he is not your friend and never will be. 

The devil is an unfair opponent and he plays for keeps.  As a matter of fact the only thing that will satisfy him is the opportunity to devour you just like that poor farmer was devoured by those thankless and mindless pigs.  You see when you step outside of God’s will in any way shape or form you are stepping into the pig pen and the devil is waiting to devour you. 

For example, you may think it’s simply a one time opportunity to get your “physical needs” met but in actuality it’s the devil’s opportunity to try devour you with not only the disapproval of God but also with the std, the emotional trauma, the demise of a marriage present or future, and any other negative consequence that could possibly result from stepping outside of God’s will and into the pig pen.

The pleasures of sin simply aren’t worth it.  They may taste good now but eventually they will leave a sour taste in your mouth.  Obviously, I have no idea what your vice is or what the devil is using to try to keep you captive but I know it’s something because that’s how that fool works.  So no matter what you do don’t feed into his ego by falling prey to his traps. 

Now you might find yourself in a trap if you are hanging around individuals who are pulling you farther and farther away from Christ.  Cut them off.  If you’re dipping and dabbling in sin thinking that next time you’ll get it right, stop it now.  Your life and your soul are too precious to take any chances.

So what do you think about all of this? Has there ever been a time in your life where you found yourself feeding the pig?  If so what did you do to overcome and break the cycle?  Let us know by commenting below.

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3 thoughts on “The One Thing That’s Sure To Destroy You”

  1. This was good in both a spiritual and physical sense. I just so happen to have relatives who own a pig pen. It’s across the street from us and my children went to feed them just yesterday. Thank God nothing horrific like that happened to them. After reading this, I’m going to limit their visits. Also, I’m made more aware of Satan’s tactics. I’m going to recognize areas in my life that he’s gained access to that I may have overlooked. God bless you.


      Shayna life is so crazy and who would have ever thought something like that could happen with the pigs, but it is a reminder to us of how the enemy works. Stay encouraged and faithful! God bless!

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