What Do You Do After You’ve Prayed?

Have you ever prayed and asked God to do something special in your life, and then after you prayed found yourself wondering what next?  Do you just sit still and wait on God to move on your behalf or is there something you should be doing?  Well, there are times when you should sit still but there are other times that you absolutely need to do something.  So let me share part of my journey with you so you will know exactly what to do after you’ve prayed.

Shortly after we had our children Brayden and SaVanna, we decided we were finished having kids and so my husband had a vasectomy and then 3 years later Brayden dies.  Now as you can imagine there was a huge void in our family and one way that we thought we could fill that void was by having another child.  So we start to pray and ask God to bless us with another baby. 

Obviously there was a significant road block prohibiting this process.  One that we had created.  Yet we were convinced that if God wanted us to have another child He could do it despite my husband having had a vasectomy.  Why?  Well because He is God and He can do anything.  However, I also was convinced that with my prayers there was something that God expected me to do as well.  You see, there is an old saying that says “Pray as if everything depends on God, and work as if everything depends on you.”  It’s similar to the biblical principal of “faith without works is dead.”

So we decided to pray as if everything depended upon God and work as if everything depended on us. So the first thing we did was contact a doctor to find out about getting the vasectomy reversed.  But when we discovered the price of the procedure, one that was not covered by insurance we immediately crossed that out as an option. 

So we prayed some more asking God to show us another way.  And through our research we found a doctor who did the procedure at a fraction of the cost as part of his ministry.  We were so excited! We got our money together and had the procedure done. God had answered our prayers!!! Or had He?  Because several months later we discovered that the procedure had not worked.  We were devastated and it seemed as if God’s answer to our prayer was no.

But there was another option one that we had never considered because we knew it was extremely costly, and that option was in vitro fertilization.  Now keep in mind that we did not have the money for in vitro fertilization and we especially didn’t have it after we had just paid out of pocket for the attempted vasectomy reversal. But who are we to put limits on God? So we decided to do our part by at least making an appointment. We had no idea how we were going to pay for it or if it would even work, but we prayed, and God moved in a mighty way on our behalf.  He placed the right doctor and the right nurses in our path and He impressed them to relieve much of the financial burden that came along with the procedure so we could afford it.  And as a result of our prayers and our works God blessed us with our precious Sydney Selah Watts!

I’m sharing this with you so that you will remember that there are two specific things you should do when you pray.

  1. Do your part.  Whatever your part may be.  If you are asking God for a new job, then your part could be making sure that you are well prepared for the interview process and that you present yourself well and that you are an individual with a work ethic God can stand behind.  If you are praying for healing in your body, then it’s your job to go the doctor, practice healthy habits, and do whatever is in your power to do to promote the healing of your body.
  1. Hold on and don’t give up.  God may not answer your prayer the first time you ask or in the way you think he should answer it.  You might have to pray and pray and pray some more.  But don’t get discouraged.  If God hasn’t given you a clear no, you keep praying. 

We shed a lot tears and spent a lot of money during our process but we kept the faith and you’ve got to do the same. God’s ways, methods and timing aren’t like ours so we have to learn to simply trust His process. Be encouraged and God bless!

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2 thoughts on “What Do You Do After You’ve Prayed?”


  2. This is very timely for me as I try to decide what my next move in life is. I’ve been praying and waiting for a sign as to whether I should go in one direction or the other. I’m just praying that when I move it will be the right choice

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