See Yourself Differently

When you look in the mirror what do you see?  I mean really what do you see?  Do you see someone strong, someone beautiful, someone talented, and someone capable of accomplishing great things, or do you see someone different?

The Impact of How We See Ourselves

The way we see ourselves whether good or bad has a direct impact on our lives.  The things we accomplish, the positions we hold, and the marks we leave on this earth are directly related to our belief system and the value we place on ourselves.  The Bible tells the story of a man named Gideon (see Judges 6) who is living in a time in which he and his people are in desperate need of a hero.  They need someone who will step up to the plate and lead the people into battle.  Gideon understands this but when he looks at himself in the mirror he doesn’t see a leader, he doesn’t see a warrior, nor does he someone remotely capable of doing the job.

But of course God sees him differently.  So He sends an angel to inform Gideon that he is in fact the man for the job.  Yet poor Gideon is still stuck on how he sees himself and informs the angel that he can’t be the man for the job because he comes from a poor family and in that family he is the least of all. But what’s interesting is the very first thing the angel said to Gideon before he even gave him is assignment  was, “The Lord is with thee thou mighty man of valor….”  Here the angel is telling Gideon who he is and how God sees him, but somehow Gideon totally dismisses that and continues to focus on the things that seemingly disqualify him.

The Gideon Trap

It’s interesting because we fall into the same trap that Gideon fell into.  Basing our worth and capabilities on things that God could care less about.  We worry about things like status.  Yet, God isn’t even thinking about that because the only status He’s concerned about is our connection with Him. 

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you.  It doesn’t matter what your degree is or isn’t.  It doesn’t matter whats in your bank account.  It doesn’t matter what part of town you live in and it certainly doesn’t  matter what family you were born into.  What matters is the value that God has placed upon your life.  So we like Gideon have got to stop disqualifying ourselves for positions that God wants us to be in simply because we haven’t learned to see ourselves the way He sees us.

So again I ask you, how do you see yourself?  Do you see yourself the way God sees you, beautiful, talented, capable, courageous, strong, mighty, purpose filled, and victorious?  Can’t you look in the mirror and see that through Him you are all of these things and more!  Now before I go, I must tell you that despite Gideon’s reservations he was more than a success in the position God called him to fulfill.  So be encouraged and start seeing yourself differently!

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