How To Reach Great Heights & Accomplish More

I want to achieve great things in life.  Do you?  Yet, the reality is that most people won’t even began to reach the heights that they should or accomplish the things God has destined them to accomplish.  Why is that?  Well, I think I may have stumbled upon the answer and I hope it empowers you to do what is necessary so that you can reach great heights.

I am fascinated by skyscrapers and the breathtaking heights they can reach. I recently discovered that currently the tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa.  It is 160 floors high soaring a half a mile into the sky.  Wow!  What great heights this building has reached.  Now reflecting on the height of this building it made me wonder what would it take for us as individuals to reach such great heights in our lives.

Now the biggest concern with the Burj Khalifa and any other skyscraper is that the building must be built in such a way that it won’t tip over.  So, in my research I discovered that the key lies in the depth and solidness of the foundation.  You see in order for the Burj Khalifa to reach the heights that it has it required that the foundation of the building consists of 121,254 tons of concrete and steel that went 164 feet deep into the ground.  To put this in perspective, the foundation for an average two story home likely goes only a couple of feet deep and is less than a fraction of that weight.

I found this to be very interesting because the same principles apply to us.  You or I might want to reach great heights, but the great Architect knows that He can’t take us to those great heights if our foundations in Him aren’t deep and solid.  It simply wouldn’t make sense, because the “buildings” we desire would eventually collapse under their own weight or topple over when the winds of temptation and trials attack.

Thankfully, God has no issue with the heights we want to reach in life.  As a matter of fact He desires that we reach even greater heights than we want for ourselves.  Which is why our number one concern must be deepening and solidifying our relationship or foundation with Him so that we can withstand the heights He wants to take us to.

God is in the business of taking His children to great heights.  He did it for Joseph, David, Solomon, Abraham and a host of others and He will do it for you, provided you continually and intentionally deepen and solidify your foundation with Him.

In Luke 6,  Jesus tells us that whoever comes to Him, hears his sayings and does them will be like a man building a house who dug deep laying his foundation on the rock, and because of this, this man’s house could not be shaken.  I don’t know about you but it’s my desire to be unshakeable.  So I plan to go deeper.  How about you?

So, what are your thoughts on this?  Let me know by commenting below and be sure to share this post with someone else.

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2 thoughts on “How To Reach Great Heights & Accomplish More”

  1. Amen!!! Just what I needed, as always! thank you for this ministry! I always look forward to reading these encouraging devotionals. Blessings! And I’ll be covering you in prayer today!!

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