How To Get Ready For Your Breakthrough

Are you ready for a breakthrough?  Do you need God to come into your life and fix your broken situation?  Well if you do, I need for you to understand that wanting and needing a break through is much different than being ready for a breakthrough.  So today I want to share with you three specific things you can do to be ready for your breakthrough.

You see being ready for God to do something amazing in your life requires that you do some stuff.  Similar to knowing that someone was coming to pick you up, you’d get ready.  You would make sure your hair was done, you were dressed, you had your purse or your bag and then all that would be left to do would be to wait for your ride to arrive.  And that’s the same approach you should take with God. 

God has a breakthrough for you but He needs you to be ready so that He can send it.  So the question is how do you get ready?  Well, if you study the life of Joseph found in Genesis chapters 37- 47 you will discover an awesome example of an individual who was ready for his breakthrough.

Joseph’s life wasn’t easy.  Over approximately a thirteen year period he was in desperate need of a breakthrough. He was sold into slavery, falsely accused of attempted rape, and then thrown into a prison.  Yet despite all of this Joseph stayed ready for God to intervene on his behalf by doing three simple things.

1. He Exercised Faith that Could Withstand His Trial.

When Potiphar’s wife was trying to get down and dirty with Joseph, Jospeh quickly let her know that he wasn’t in any way shape or form interested in sinning against his God.  Then later when the butler and baker needed their dreams to be interpreted Joseph immediately made it clear that God was the one who had the power to interpret dreams and not him. 

You see Joseph was getting ready for his breakthrough by maintaining the right relationship and attitude towards God despite his difficulties.  He was steadily maintaining a faith that withstood his test, and  that is what you have to do too.  You must maintain a strong faith that will cause you to honor God even when it may appear as if He’s forsaken you.

2. He Had A Heart Towards Others.

The second thing that made Joseph ready for his breakthrough was the fact that he had a heart for others. Joseph did not allow himself to become so disgruntled and discouraged by his circumstances that his heart grew cold towards others.  He still cared just as much about the plight of others as he cared for his own.  We know this because the Bibles tells us that when he was in prison he inquired about the welfare of the butler and the baker when he noticed they were sad.  In this instance, we see how Jospeh was able to put aside his own feelings to care for the concerns of others.

3.  He Operated In Excellence

Through out all of his years of struggles Joseph never lost sight of who he was. He knew that he was a child of the most high God and as His child he was committed to representing Him in the best way possible.  So in everything he did, even in the most lowly of jobs he operated with a spirit of excellence.  He didn’t allow his messed up situation to cause him to act out of character, walk around disgruntled, angry or hateful. He was a true representative of a Christ who understood the importance of  operating in excellence.

So there you have it.  Three things that you can do to get ready for your breakthrough.  I pray that they will help you on journey.  God bless!

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