We protect the things we value and want to last.  For instance, the individual who collects antiques is careful to make sure the coveted treasure is properly stored and cared for.  While the owner of a prized vehicle doesn’t hesitate to make sure the car receives scheduled maintenance, regular car washes, and the utmost of care.  You see, it’s easy to protect the things that we value most, but what value do we place upon our marriages?

Marriage is an institution that is of the greatest value and is designed to last a lifetime.  So, we must take the proper steps to protect it.  Yet many enter into the marriage covenant without the slightest idea of what this protection looks like.  As a result they unknowingly do nothing to keep their marriage from utter destruction.

So how do you protect this fragile yet oh so important covenant that is made between a man and a woman?  Well there are many ways but I’ll share with you my top seven.

  1. Spend Quality Time With Each Other. Marriage is all about relationship and a strong relationship cannot develop without investing quality time into each other.  As the years go by things will change and people will change, which is why you must continually get to know your spouse.  Unfortunately it is very easy to neglect those precious relationship building moments that could be spent with the one you love.  So, be intentional and never stop dating your spouse.


  1. Get Educated. Become an expert in the marriage game by learning more and more about marriage.  Read books, go to seminars or retreats, and take advantage of the knowledge that can be obtained from other married couples.  By doing this you will become more conscious of what it really takes to make a marriage work for the long haul.  Consider this healthy maintenance for your marriage.


  1. Speak Highly of Your Spouse To Others. Nothing can work harder to undermine the integrity of your marriage than when one spouse speaks negatively about their mate to others.  By doing this you are singlehandedly working to tear down your marriage as well as giving others the okay to talk bad about your spouse and in some cases even open the door for inappropriate advances.  It’s your job to uplift, encourage, and affirm your spouse.  Protect your marriage by letting your spouse know their reputation is safe in your hands.


  1. Keep the Lines of Communication Wide Open. Communicate, communicate, communicate!!! Your spouse is not a mind reader and neither are you.  Communication is imperative to protecting your marriage.  Let your spouse know your hurts, pains, joys, and disappointments and be willing to attentively listen to theirs as well.  When you engage in honest, heartfelt communication that is free of finger pointing and animosity, you are working to strengthen the bond that is shared between a husband and a wife.


  1. Pray For Your Spouse. When I say pray I mean pray.  Set aside some time to cover your spouse in prayer.  Pray for every aspect of their life, refusing to leave one stone unturned.  Prayer is your greatest weapon of protection so never take its power for granted.


  1. Put the Needs of Your Spouse Before Your Own. Stop worrying about yourself so much and start worrying about your spouse.  The strongest marital bonds are shared between individuals who have learned to be unselfish.  Selfishness is one of the greatest destructive forces in marriage, don’t let it ruin yours.


  1. Keep God in the Center of Your Marriage. God is the author of marriage and the creator of you and me.  He knows exactly what it takes to keep your marriage strong.  Try Him.  He is the greatest protective device for your marriage.  Keep Him in the mix and watch Him work.  If not your treading on thin ice.

Homework:  Pull out your journal and list the steps you can take today to protect your marriage.  Evaluate your actions in the past.  Have they served to protect your marriage or tear it apart?  Finally, make the commitment in your heart today to do whatever is necessary to protect your most valuable gift, your spouse.

Share:  What are your fireproof ways to protect your marriage?  I’ve listed seven but I’m certain there are many more so please share your insight so others can benefit from it as well.

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  1. 1.) Read the Bible together and discuss with each other your interpretations of what you have read. Maybe even journal it together, it doesn’t have to be long entries… you will inevitably have different interpretations many times or just get slightly different things from what you read but it will be such an enriching experience to see it from your spouses point of view, it may not change the others view but how neat to see just how our spouse see’s God and His word and to see what your spouse “stands for”. It will bring about a deeper knowledge and love for one another… sometimes humor even! It might be fun to write it down sometimes and come back to it years later as the Lord has lead you each to grow in Him and see where each has changed his/her thoughts or views and what has stayed!
    2.) Pray together… as a couple. Pray as a family, yes. Pray privately for one another, yes! But also pray together. It is so important to read and pray together.

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