Worry and the Not So Sweet Honeymoon

A young husband was overjoyed with the thought of taking his new bride on their honeymoon. For months he had planned for this relaxing exotic getaway in the Caribbean, but unfortunately things didn’t turn out quite as he had planned.  His beautiful bride had many troubling concerns that she chose to share with him on this trip.

She talked with him about the high divorce rate that currently plagues marriages and the stress she felt to make sure they didn’t end up in that category.  She shared her desires to start a family right along with her concerns about the associated cost and the fact that their current salaries didn’t seem to be sufficient for such an endeavor.  She informed him of the fact that she wanted to purchase a home but based upon her calculations it would be nearly impossible to get the necessary down payment within the next few years.  Finally she went on to discuss retirement and the fact that so many seniors aren’t able to retire at 65 due to lack of savings.  All of these concerns were completely stressing her out and she chose their honeymoon as the perfect time to try come up with solutions.  Needless to say their trip wasn’t as enjoyable as her husband had intended.

Worry and the Problems We Face

This bride had spent so much time worrying about their future that she missed out on the joy of the honeymoon. In essence she allowed the potential worries of tomorrow to destroy the joys of today.  What a tragic mistake she had made by choosing to worry.  Yet it is one that many of us make on a daily basis.  Our groom Jesus, like the groom in the story, desires that we enjoy the moments He blesses us with.  He hates it when we try to peak into our futures and determine everything that could go wrong and then worry about it.  This is why he instructs us, “Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself…” Matthew 6:34.  He simply doesn’t want us making the mistake of worrying about stuff that may or may not happen.

Now there will be times when legitimate concerns fall into our lap, but again God doesn’t want us wasting our precious moments worrying about that either, which is why we are instructed to cast all of our cares upon Him (1 Peter 5:7).  He understands that nothing good can come out of worrying.  It won’t make us feel better nor will it change our circumstances.  It is a futile emotion that does us no good.

So why not stop borrowing troubles from the future and crossing bridges of worry that aren’t ready to be crossed.  Get into the habit of giving God all of your cares and start enjoying your honeymoon moments.  I promise you it will change your life.

Homework:  Take a few moments and reflect on the things you’ve been worrying about.  Write them down in your journal.  Now for each worry determine how worrying made the situation better or worse.  Finally place a star next to each item you plan on giving to God completely.  Say a prayer and commit to not worrying about those items and let God work on your behalf.

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