If you are a parent or have ever engaged with small children common questions you might hear them ask are, where are we going or what are you making for dinner?  To which you might respond, we are going to the park, or I’m making spaghetti.  Now for most kids this type of response will do.  They are easily satisfied with your answer because they aren’t interested in the details of how you all are going to get there or how you’re going to make the spaghetti. They simply trust that you will do exactly what you say you will do.

If only life where that simple, where you could just say what you’re going to do with no thought of the details and stuff just happens. Yet we all know that simple desire is never enough.  So I must ask you, where are you going and what are you making of your life?  Are the things you want out of life simply happening for you because you want it? I’d guess probably not.

Wherever or whatever your destination in life is, to reach it will take careful planning.  This is the step many people miss which is why they never achieve the things they desire for their lives.  Just imagine if an architect had dreamed of building a state of the art hotel.  He clearly envisions the details of how this hotel will be structured but he never takes the time to carefully outline his vision with a blueprint.  Without the blueprint his dreams of erecting a great and grand hotel will be nothing more than just that, dreams.

This same principle applies to us.  If we want to create a magnificent future for ourselves it requires a blueprint.  However, this is no ordinary blueprint.  It is one that is well thought out and carefully put together.  This type of blueprint at the very minimum would take into consideration the following factors:

  1. The Cost. What will you have to sacrifice in regard to your finances, personal time, and effort? These are things you must carefully consider and be prepared to invest when counting the cost.


  1. Estimated Time. No venture you seek to accomplish should be left to complete someday. If you operate under a “someday” mentality, “someday” will never come.  This is why you must determine exactly how long it will take you to complete your goal and commit to working within your designated time frame.


  1. Supplies & Tools. You must know in advance what resources you will need along the way.  You must also know where will you find them and how will you get them?  For example if you plan to become a self taught musician where will you get the necessary books or videos that will help facilitate your learning experience?


  1. Projected Outcome. Based upon your plans you must determine a projected outcome.  This outcome must be based upon reality.  In no way am I suggesting that you don’t dream big but I am suggesting that you don’t place expectations on yourself that are so farfetched and unrealistic that they can only lead to disappointment.  Yes dream big, but don’t assume that you will make a million dollars on your first day out as an entrepreneur if your projected sales don’t reflect that type of profit.


Homework:  Take a moment and think of something that you want to accomplish in the future.  Now set aside a couple of hours to develop a blueprint for this plan.  Make sure the time you set aside is distraction free so that you can make the most of your time because this is important.

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