Have you ever had a good plan?  The type of plan that makes you smile when you think about it.  A plan that is so good that you willingly invest your time, your money, your effort or your energy.  But how would you feel if God told you to walk away from it all knowing that you were going to lose a lot because it cost you a lot?

In 2nd Chronicles chapter 25 the story is told of Amaziah king of Judah who is about to go to war against the Edomites.  The problem is, Amaziah doesn’t feel confident in his numbers.  He doesn’t believe that his army of 300,000 men has what it takes to get the job done.  As a result, he comes up with a plan to rent 100,000 additional forces from the king of Israel at the hefty price of 100 talents of silver.

Now he feels confident about his plan and he is ready to go to battle.  Yet, before the battle begins a man of God comes to visit him.  The man has a message from the Lord, and basically says, “Hey Amaziah, you know those men you just hired, God ain’t feeling them right now, so get rid of them.”  Now Amaziah isn’t exactly jumping for joy about this because he spent a lot of money on these soldiers, as a matter of fact in today’s currency it would be just under two million dollars and let me tell you it was a non-refundable purchase.  So it goes without saying that Amaziah was a little stuck on the money.  This was by no means a small investment that he had made, it was huge!  So he was a bit hesitant to go along with the God’s plan so he tells the man of God, “Okay but what about the money?  And to that the man of God responds “The Lord is able to give thee much more than this.”

You see what God wants us to understand is that whatever we have to lose or give up for Him along life’s journey is nothing in comparison to what we stand to gain from Him.  In life our greatest and even our smallest plans might need to be tweaked a little bit and part of the tweaking may involve us losing a lot. We might lose the time we invested, the people and relationships we’ve invested in, or maybe like King Amaziah we may lose a whole lot of money.  Yet, all that shouldn’t matter when we serve a God who is able to turn our biggest losses into our biggest gains.

Now I don’t know your situation but maybe God is calling you to walk away from something and like Amaziah, for you walking away isn’t easy.  But let me assure you, you are better off walking away as God is telling you then being disobedient to His call.  He’s a faithful God and will never steer you wrong.

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  1. Sandra Ross

    This message is very much for me. I had worked at this job for the past 6 years has a nurse. There were things happening in administration that were not healthy towards staff but we just take it one day at a time. This past week a patient got acutely ill because she was not given her seizure medication for the last 30 days, she had a seizure and aspirated and that’s when it was found out she was not getting this medicine. Her dosage of the meds was changed and I was the one who deleted it from the computer but not realizing the computer linked both dosages so the new dosage was discontinued also. After investigating I was the one who was penalized for it she had a regular nurse for morning and evening meds and despite the fact that a few other people tried t explain it’s not my fault I was told to clock out and leave . My prayer during the investigation was for the Lord to spare me but then I realized that was selfish indeed it’s the woman who needed the prayers, because I knew my God would take care of me so I started to pray for her and family. She is doing better and my friends prayed for me, a few hours after I got home yesterday the Director called and left a message that they had found out that it was a computer glitch and I should call her back well I called a few minutes later she had left, and I think it’s time for me to move on. By the way after I had gotten home and sat down spoke to a friend an old job that I worked at last June called to ask if I can give them some hours I let them know I hadn’t been there so long , long story short I went and did my orientation today. Isn’t our God awesome it was time to leave all that negativity inspite of a good paycheck. I will be encouraging a new set of people. Be encouraged we have a blessed hope. Let’s continue to be our brothers keeper.

    • samonnawatts@yahoo.com

      Praise God for your testimony and how He works in our lives! God bless.

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