Don’t you just hate when life gets tough.  When you’re working hard going down a particular path, or trying to accomplish a certain thing and then all of a sudden out of nowhere you encounter resistance, a circumstance that makes your journey harder than what it has to be.  This type of thing can be difficult and often can cause you to wonder why God would allow things to be so difficult for you.  Why can’t the road just be easy, what’s up with all the resistance?

markus-spiske-127943The other day when I was driving I pulled up to a major intersection and noticed something out of the ordinary.  There were two young ladies riding their bikes in the far left lane and they caused me to feel uneasy.  Now because my husband is a cyclist I’m reminded constantly that cyclist have the same rights to use the lanes as vehicles do.  So I wasn’t disturbed by the fact that they were in the lane, I was actually disturbed by the manner in which they were riding their bikes in the lane.

They were pedaling and pedaling and pedaling but it seemed as though they were moving in slow motion.  The intersection that they were in was a dangerous one and from what I could tell these two young ladies were riding their bikes in the wrong gears.  They were pedaling hard but there wasn’t enough resistance to cause their wheels to move forward at a much faster rate.  So as I watched them I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Why don’t they just switch gears?”

How God Uses Resistance

Now what’s interesting is that God looks at us in the same way I was looking at those two girls.  He watches us as we ride along life’s road and He notices that when we are in a gear or a season of life that offers less resistance we often aren’t able to move fast enough to the place He wants us to be.  God understands that we are going to encounter dangerous territory along our life’s journey and the only way for us to move more quickly to a place of spiritual safety is if the gears or the seasons of our life our changed to offer more resistance.

You see spiritual muscles really aren’t strengthened until you have to go through or better yet push through something. Therefore, just like riding a bike, the only way you will be able to climb life’s mountains or press forward with power and speed, is if you are in a gear that offers increased resistance.  It’s going to require more effort on your part and truthfully it will likely hurt a bit but in the end it will get you to the place God wants you to be much quicker.

Now in regard to those two girls, I couldn’t change their gears for them though I wish I could have.  Nor was I in a position to ensure that they made it to their destination safely, but that is not the case with God.  He sees us pedaling and he knows the gears that we should be in but unlike me He has the ability to not only change the gears for us but also to make sure that we make it to our destinations safely.  What an awesome God!

So the next time you’re traveling down life’s journey and you experience some resistance, don’t mumble, complain or be disheartened.  Instead face your situation with confidence knowing that God is trying to take you to a higher level.

What Do You Think?

So what are your thoughts about all of this resistance stuff?  Have you experienced resistance in your life?  How did you handle it? Share with me and others by leaving a comment below.  Be sure to like share and subscribe and as always remember that you can be extraordinary through Him!

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  1. Pray

    I’m actually in the resistance stage now PTL!
    God always knows what’s best for us, and ultimately after the resistance we come out victoriously!! With the desires of our hearts. I thank God for the work he is not only doing in me but for me. Its always for our Good. Thank you Jesus!!!!


      Praise God! May He help you maintain your positive attitude.

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