Time Management Tips: Do You Value Your Time?

Time can be described as a “finite duration.” It is a precious commodity that is given to all. Yet, once it is gone we can never get it back. A very valuable yet abused asset. In one day we are entrusted with 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, or 86,400 seconds. That is a whole lot of time. Yet, with all the time we are given, many claim there just isn’t enough time. There isn’t enough time to invest in our health. There isn’t enough time to invest in our children or other personal relationships. There isn’t enough time to work on fulfilling our dreams. There simply isn’t enough time.

Despite our ability to recognize what is important in life we find ourselves allowing precious time to slip through our fingers. Time that could have been invested in the things we value most. As a result we may find ourselves spending time on the things we never intended. For example, the time we failed to invest in our health can result in time being spent caring for our now defective bodies. The time not invested in our loved ones may result in time being spent picking up the pieces of broken relationships. Time wasted and not meticulously invested in the fulfillment of our dreams may result in time spent in an unfulfilled existence wondering about the would haves, could haves, and should haves.

Like most of us I’m sure you too have goals or aspirations that have fallen into the “there is no time” category. Maybe it’s a book you dreamed of writing or a hobby you’ve wanted to explore. Could it be that you desire to spend more quality time with the people who matter most in your life? Is there a project or a business you’ve dreamed of starting? Whatever the case may be, if you value it, make time for it. Here are five easy tips to help you make the most of your time.

  1. Determine what is important to you. Take a few moments and identify what is really important to you and how your life would be benefited by investing just a little bit of time on those particular things.
  2. Identify specific ways to invest your time in those things. Many times we don’t achieve our goals because we haven’t taken the time to identify tasks that will help us in our pursuit. By identifying these activities are subconscious is now aware of what needs to be done. Making the battle in time management that much easier.
  3. Eliminate time wasters. Time wasters are everywhere! From surfing the web, playing on your phone, watching TV, chatting with your girlfriends, the list can go on and on. Nothing is inherently wrong with many of these activities. However, the issue arises when these activities find themselves taking precedence over the things that are important to us.
  4. Develop a schedule. A schedule is critical for anyone who is serious about managing their time. Once you have identified the things that are important in your life schedule them. It’s not necessary to schedule a large block of time but it is imperative that you schedule some time. For instance, if you are a busy executive who finds it challenging to spend quality time with your family, schedule 30 minutes of your day for family time.
  5. Take advantage of free moments. A free moment can be captured almost anywhere. If you need to educate yourself on a particular topic, listen to an audio book or podcast related to that subject in your car. If you find yourself waiting for an appointment, pull out that smart phone and return emails or begin to brainstorm about a project you’ve wanted to work on. Be creative. There are so many moments that can be captured for the betterment of our lives.

By getting in the habit of applying these five simple steps to your daily routine, you will be amazed at how much more you can accomplish.

What time wasters have you identified in your life? What time management tips do you use to get the most out of your time? Add to the discussion by leaving a comment below.

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