Hope When You’re At The End of Your Rope

Are you in the midst of a tough situation and you feel like you are at the end of your rope?  Maybe you’re in disbelief, because you’ve called on God to help but for whatever reason He’s done nothing and now your situation has gone from bad to worse.  Well, if you can relate to any of this, today’s message is for you, because you are in need of a Zarephath blessing.

Being at the end of your rope isn’t easy.  As a matter of fact I’m in the midst of a situation now that I have been praying about for awhile and waiting for God to help me with and guess what, I’m still waiting.  So the other day I was talking to God about it and He reminded me about the Zarephath blessing.

The Zarephath Blessing

Now along time ago there was a woman in the town of Zarephath who had it bad.  Her husband had died, there was a famine in the land, and she was quickly running out of food to feed herself and her son.  Based on her circumstances we can assume that she had prayed and prayed and prayed asking God for help.  Yet God permitted her situation to get so bad that she believed that she and her son were going to die of starvation.  She was at the end of her rope wondering why had God allowed things to come to this.

Then while in the midst of contemplating her tragic situation,  a man comes to her asking for water and something to eat.  She explains to him that she can’t help him because she can’t help herself.  Yet the man insists that with the tiny bit of food she has left she should make him a little something first and by doing this a blessing would fall down on her. 

So the woman in an unselfish act of faith prepared a small little cake of bread for the prophet Elijah to eat and when she did this the Zarephath blessing occurred.  The woman’s flour and oil that was used to make bread, miraculously did not run out until the famine ended. What a blessing!  When this dear woman thought she was about to die from a lack of food, God was actually just about to bless her with a feast.  When she thought she was at the end of her rope she was actually at the beginning of her greatest blessing. (See 1 Kings 17:7-16)

Elements of the Zarephath Blessing

Now there are three things you must understand about a Zarephath blessing.

  1. A Zarephath blessing comes when your situation seems completely hopeless. 
  2. A Zaraphath blessing is for those who have the heart of Jesus which is a servant’s heart.  Which means you are willing to meet the needs of someone else even when you are struggling to meet your own. 
  3. A Zarephath blessing is not an ordinary blessing, it is the kind of blessing that is so big your mind can’t even conceive it.  Think about it.  There is no way in the world that woman could have imagined that God would have met her need in the way that He did.  Which is simply a reminder to us that God has thousands of ways to bless us that we can’t even imagine.

God is so good.  He never leaves you out there alone.  His timing might not be your timing but His blessing is always on time.  So be encouraged and stay faithful.  Your circumstances may tell you that you’re at the end of your robe, but remember the end of your rope is the beginning of your Zarephath blessing.

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