How to Effectively Handle Criticism

We live in a world where everyone has something to say.  No matter what you say or do it is very likely that someone somewhere is criticizing your actions.  This critical behavior is especially evident with those who are in the public eye or hold leadership positions.  Yet regardless of your position or lack thereof, we are all subject to criticism.

For instance, one of my friends posted a video on YouTube of her son’s surprising response to the family’s surprise trip to Disneyland.  Like me, the majority of viewers found the video to be hilarious which resulted in it going viral.  Yet someway somehow people found ways to criticize the family.  Hurtful and malicious comments were posted online as individuals found the most unsuspecting ways to express their disapproval of the video.  It was a complete shocker.

Nevertheless, that is how life is.  People will always find ways to criticize you.  Now I for one don’t particularly like criticism and I’m sure you don’t either.  It doesn’t feel good and many times it’s unwarranted.  So what is the individual striving to live the extraordinary life to do when they come up against criticism?  Well it’s simple.  If you remember these three principles about criticism you likely won’t be bothered as much by it.

  1. Remember that even the best of the best are criticized. It’s true, the greatest and most loved leaders are criticized.  There is no way to get around it.  From presidents to kings, people will always find some reason to criticize.  Even the great Moses was criticized by his own family right after he had safely led the nation of Israel to their freedom.  Talk about showing some gratitude.  So remember, it’s not a matter of you doing something wrong it’s simply a reality of life.  So brush it off your shoulders and expect it from time to time.
  2. Find ways to grow from criticism. In most cases there is no validity to the criticism you receive.  However, there will be times when there is a bit of truth intertwined with those critical words.  This is why it is important to carefully consider what is being said about you.  If there is truth in it then you must consider how you can make better choices as you move forward.  Taking advantage of opportunities for growth is always a good thing.  So don’t allow this opportunity to pass you by because the criticism got you all caught up in your feelings.
  3. Never allow criticism to knock you off your game. One of the worst things you can do is allow the criticism of others to get you down.  For some this isn’t an issue but for others this is tough.  It’s easy to allow the critical words of others to cause you to lose your focus.  Don’t let it happen.  When Jesus walked this earth He only had three short years to work on his ministry and during that time He received criticism like no other.  Yet He never allowed the words of others to frazzle Him.   His mission was way more important than the petty words of others.  It is no different with you.  If you are trying to live the absolute best life that you can live, one that brings happiness to yourself and others, then you like Jesus cannot allow criticism to sway you from your purpose.

It’s evident, we live in a critical world and there is nothing we can do about that.  However, we can always do something about our response.  Until next time, keep striving to be the extraordinary individual God created you to be!

a notepad and keyboard of a computer. write down and save.Homework:  How do you respond to the criticism of others?  Do you allow it to get you down or could you care less?  When criticized do you carefully evaluate what lessons you can learn from the words of others?  Take a few moments and write down your thoughts in your journal.  Then write down the specific action steps that you will take the next time you are criticized.

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