UHave you ever felt as though God hasn’t done His part in your life?  You’ve sought Him earnestly to break the chains in your life. You’ve pleaded with him to fix your marriage, make you a better parent, or prosper you in the workplace.  Yet despite all of your pleading it seems as though God has not fulfilled His promises. He has let you down.  Yet could it be that it is you and not God that has dropped the ball?

Our walk with Christ can be compared to making a cake.  God has provided all the ingredients as well as instructions necessary for us to make a marvelous and delicious cake. All that He requires is that we bake the cake.  In essence, what I’m saying is this; God has equipped each of us with the necessary ingredients to live successful lives. However, He will not force us to be successful; He will only equip us for success.  Therefore, our success is dependent upon us.  Will we choose to exert the effort necessary to take the ingredients God has blessed us with and turn them into something wonderful?

Unfortunately, too often the answer to that question is no.  We sit back lazily refusing to work hard.  Failing to utilize the ingredients God has provided for us to have successful relationships, break strongholds, fight depression, excel in our careers, or develop a stronger relationship with Him.

The story of Noah is the perfect example of what God expects from us.  God promised to save Noah and his family from the deadly waters of the flood. As a result, God gave Noah everything that he would need to build an ark of safety. He provided the instructions as well as the natural resources that were necessary.  God had given Noah the right ingredients. All Noah had to do was provide the effort by physically building the ark. The only thing that could stand between Noah and the safety God promised was Noah.  Fortunately, Noah exerted the effort necessary to receive God’s promise.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that we must work to receive all of the promises of God. Salvation is a gift that is given to us by the grace of God.  However, what I am saying is that if we expect God to make some changes in our lives we must make an effort.  For example, we can’t expect God to fix our relationships when we haven’t sought His word for solutions, acted upon that word, or even sought counseling.  Likewise, we shouldn’t expect God to help us ace an exam when we haven’t put forth the effort to prepare for the exam. We’ve got to learn to do our parts.

So, now that you know you’ve been equipped with all the ingredients necessary to have an extraordinary life, what are you waiting for?  Get to baking!

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Homework:  Take a few moments and consider all of the talents God has blessed you with.  Write them down.  Now take some time and thoroughly consider how you can make the best use out of the tools God has given you.

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