My Background

I attended Oakwood University where I received my bachelors of science degree.  I aspired to become a physician so I continued my studies at Howard University College of Medicine.  However, God had other plans and my pursuit of medicine came to an end.  Shortly thereafter, I received my law degree from Howard University School of Law.  Early in my legal career my husband and I were blessed to welcome our first child into the world.  At this point I made the decision to leave the law firm I worked for to better devote my time and energy to my growing family.  While home with my children my entrepreneurial spirit began to shine forth and I created Hekalu Natural’s, a natural bath and body product company.  I enjoyed my work, but something was missing…

My Calling

I began to earnestly seek God in regard to His calling on my life.  I needed to know what my purpose was.  After diligent prayer and soul searching God revealed to me that He wanted me to speak for Him.  I was to encourage others and let them know that their best life could only be obtained through Him.  I accepted the call but determined that this endeavor should be postponed until Hekalu Naturals had reached a certain level of success.  That was my plan not God’s.

Shortly after this revelation life happened.  Our precious 5 year old son was diagnosed with stage IV brain cancer.  I was now facing the trial of my life.  In a moment of weakness I told the Lord I wouldn’t speak if it meant I had to go through this trial.  God then spoke to my heart.  He assured me that I was going to come through this trial victorious, whatever the outcome, and I believed Him.

True to His word God provided me with super natural strength that allowed me to handle the sickness and eventual death of our dear Brayden.  Through His infinite wisdom and awesome power God took a seemingly tragic situation and used it for His glory.  As a result, thousands upon thousands upon thousands of lives were touched by Brayden’s story and God birthed a ministry out of my pain.  I have since heeded His call to speak and find it a privilege to be a source of encouragement to others.  It’s amazing what my God has done!

My Loves

God has blessed me to be the wife of an incredible husband and to have mothered two amazing children. I wait with great anticipation for the day we will be reunited with our precious Brayden and rejoice in the blessing of SaVanna. I am passionate about my family, but even more passionate about Christ. I pray that my love for Christ will enable me to be used by Him and be a blessing to you.


Thankful for our past season.


Still rejoicing in our new season!